Wall Flashing

What is a Wall Flashing?

A wall flashing is a thin piece of impenetrable material installed behind the masonry facade to prevent water penetration.

Why are Wall Flashings Needed?

Weathering is one of the leading causes of water damage. Such deterioration can be caused by rain, humidity, and snow. To block water intrusion adequate wall flashings must be installed.

A masonry facade is very permeable, even well constructed walls can not be completely sealed. Often problems arise around newly formed cracks, mortar joints, windows, and vents.

Once the water penetrates these areas it will run between the exterior of the wall and the structural components, rusting and deteriorating anchors that tie the brick veneer to the backup wall.

Severe damage often appears where the water collects such as at shelf angles, wall bases and lintels, that is why those are the key areas for wall flashing installation.

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