Commercial Masonry Repair and Restoration

Commercial Masonry Repair and Restoration

Masonry restoration is the art of bringing an existing masonry structure back to its original condition.

Keep in mind that masonry must carry the weight of everything above it, so when small cracks appear immediate action is required. Masonry is very rigid, for instance with a brick wall, any movement would cause the bricks and mortar to crumble.

Things like heavy snow, plant growth, heavy equipment working nearby, and thermal expansion and contraction (freeze-and-thaw cycles), can cause masonry to crack. Often when a crack begins it causes the masonry to shift. Since masonry and mortar is unyielding, this shift causes cracks to expand and may cause possible collapse or falling debris.

At PMR, our decades of experience and depth of knowledge ensure that our commercial masonry repair and restoration projects last.

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