Masonry Cleaning

Masonry Cleaning

Cleaning commercial masonry structures not only improves the cosmetic appearance, but also the removal of dirt, microorganisms and plant growth will prevent structural deterioration.

Properly selected cleaning procedures remove corrosion and damaging film without marring or defacing the masonry surface. Restoring the surface to its original color and texture is the goal of PMR's cleaning process.

A comprehensive understanding of our cleaning processes enables our specialists to determine the most effective method available. PMR has developed the present methods from years of experience.

We also follow environmentally sound practices in the use of cleaning products. PMR complies with all environmental protection agency local and federal regulations.

Our experts start with water pressure and detergent, resorting to chemicals only when necessary. Proper cleaning will extend useful life while making the building more attractive and valuable.

Servicing Commercial Projects in PA, NJ, NY, DE and CT.