Commercial Chimney Repairs

Commercial Chimney Repairs

In contrast to a regular masonry wall, chimneys are more prone to deterioration because weathering effects have an increased concentration. Whereas a simple masonry veneer is exposed to the elements on one surface, chimneys receive adverse conditions from all angles.

Chimneys are also more susceptible to depreciation because the chimney is constantly exposed to extremes in temperature advancing the ill effects of freeze-thaw cycles or moisture expansion and contraction.

Additionally chimney damage is a more pressing or hazardous problem because not only must a building owner worry about fallen masonry from the full height of their building but also there is the aspect of fire safety.

A deteriorating chimney could allow a small spark to escape or even harmful smoke and gases to leak into the building. It is imperative that a responsible building owner has their chimney inspected frequently by a professional.

PMR has the depth of expertise necessary to ensure that commercial chimney repairs are done right - and done right the first time.

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