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Repointing. Historic Masonry Restoration in Philadelphia, PA
Posted 2011-12-15 by Bob Neas in Repointing

Do you need to repoint your brick work? With freezing temperatures on their way in the great north east, now is an important time to examine your facade. If your brick work isn’t in the best shape possible it could crack and cause EXTREME harm to both the building as well as a hazard to those walking below damaged and crumbling brick.

Repointing is the process of replacing the deteriorated mortar from the joints of a masony wall with new morter. It is CRUCIAL to re-point when you notice missing or cracked mortar because if left unattended it could lead to water infiltration and ultimately internal structural damage!

Do you feel as though you need some repointing done on your building? Let the Masonry Specialists at Preferred Masonry come and take a look and give you their professional and HONEST opinion! Don’t let a small issue QUICKLY turn into a major one!

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