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Choosing the Right Brick - Part 2
Posted 2012-01-17 by Bob Neas in Brick Options

Part 2: Help! Brick Matching

When Brick Matching is Needed:

  • In Historical Restoration (bricks used to be handmade not like the commercially produced bricks of today)
  • When an addition is added to a masonry building
  • When brick replacement is needed

What Are Your Options

Option One – Take a sample. If possible remove a sample of the brick that needs to be matched. Make sure to also measure the brick (length, width and depth). Take any samples or information to a brick manufacturer or brick recycling center. Brick manufacturers have numerous brick varieties to choose from, but if none of those match sometimes they can have bricks specially made.

Option Two – Hire a brick matching service. Specialists in this field have greater resources than the average Joe in locating an exact match. If your façade is especially unique, such as with Historic Masonry it might be better to utilize someone with a lot of experience and know-how.

Option Three – Color staining. This is a good option if you find bricks that are equal in size and texture but not color. Brick staining doesn’t always work well with darker brick, so it is good when purchasing brick to be stained, to buy brick that is lighter than what you are trying to match it to.

Why Talk With a Masonry Expert

Masonry Repairs can be costly, so if you are investing in your façade you don’t want to have to fix the same problem twice. Also it is not always possible to match brick, such as when the brick has been faded by the sun or damaged in some other way. In those cases, it is always good to get a little advice from the experts.

Another thing to keep in mind…

Before Brick Matching can take place, your façade must be properly cleaned. The original color of your brick could be hidden by dirt, efflorescence, graffiti, or coatings. Once all dirt and debris is removed, new masonry can be chosen to match the existing brick.

It’s important to have a masonry specialist clean your façade for you when you have a historic building because acidic masonry cleaners can discolor brick and pressure washing can permanently damage brick.

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