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Restoration Cleaning
Posted 2012-02-09 by Bob Neas in Masonry Restoration

Restoration Cleaning is the removal of atmospheric staining on historic masonry.


Why use a professional when getting your historic masonry cleaned…

Making a mistake on historical masonry is often permanent or not easily fixed.

Stains are often persistent whereas the masonry is susceptible.

Professionals have experience using different chemical cleaners and equipment, and determining which is best for each substrate.

Professionals are familiar with safety regulations to protect those handling product and any nearby persons or property.

Professionals know how to handle/protect materials in adverse weather; extreme heat/cold, wind, or rain.

Often masonry cleaning exposes weakened or damaged sections of masonry that must be identified and addressed.



Request a “test” section- Test any chemical cleaner or equipment in a small section of the building where not noticeable. Doing so, you can ensure that cleaning solution won’t create new stains or power washing will not erode historic masonry further.

Get a professional opinion- If you are considering cleaning a masonry building yourself have a professional first examine masonry and make product recommendations or discuss possible cleaning techniques that would best suite your facade. Of course it is HIGHLY recommended to not make a historic structure a DIY project!

Be prepared for further restoration – In Historical Restoration, cleaning is often step one. As was mentioned above, often restoration cleaning will reveal additional damage that may need to be addressed. Additionally, removal of dirt and staining will sometimes uncover an underlying layer of paint or coatings on masonry that may require further attention for removal.

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