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Posted 2012-03-29 by Bob Neas in Chimney Repair

Why it's a problem?

Chimneys Are More Susceptible to Damage For Two Reasons:

  1. Chimneys are exposed to extreme temperatures as they are used to heat buildings but exposed to freezing temperatures. So they experience more frequent freeze-thaw cycles during winter months.
  2. Most brick or stone walls are only exposed to the elements from one direction, whereas a chimney is exposed on multiple surfaces.

Chimneys Are More Dangerous When There is Damage Because…

  1. If the smoke and gases, from chimney use, cannot be properly released then it can leak into the building (such as carbon monoxide which is extremely hazardous to anyone in the building).
  2. Any chimney that is not working properly is a major fire hazard putting your entire building and anyone within at risk.
  3. Crumbling mortar, brick, or other masonry debris can fall from the full height of your building and strike pedestrians underneath.

Chimney Cracks

Mortar can crack in the chimney or around it due to earthquakes, strong winds, or even with newly constructed chimneys during the curing process, as mortar can take a several weeks before reaching its full strength. Cracks between the base of the chimney and the roof can lead to water leakage in the attic or other areas of the building.

Water can also seep in through the bricks and therefore it may be a good idea to apply a good water-repellent (as long as that water-repellent keeps water from coming in but allows moisture to escape).

Consulting a Professional

Because there are so many dangers associated with improperly working chimneys it is always recommended to use a professional. Masonry specialists stand behind their work and can get to the root of chimney problems rather than just making repairs. Masonry and mortar can be tricky to work with and expensive to fix more than once.

Getting your Chimney inspected regularly is important because often damage first begins up in the highest section of the chimney and goes unnoticed since not many people spend a lot of time on the roof inspecting the upper section of their chimney.

In some areas Chimney repairs are only allowed to be made by those that have permits or experience with this type of work.

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